The Circle of Trust Recovery Philosophy

Our philosophy is that a person can be taught to navigate successfully through the stresses and challenges of life by using the Circle of Trust Recovery Model framework. Norma J. Burton, Director of the Circle of Trust Healing Center, developed this psycho-spiritual system from her trainings in trauma healing, depth psychology and ancient indigenous studies of the Shadow. Now this powerful methodology has proven to offer lasting recovery to countless individuals who have worked with Norma through the years. The unconscious trauma patterns are completely unraveled and restructured. Inner and outer pain and triggers become opportunities for self-inquiry and growth, rather than re-stimulating former destructive patterns.

The Circle of Trust Recovery Model offers a unique whole systems approach to working through trauma and triggers that transform each client to their very core.

The Circle of Trust Recovery Model trains individuals to recognize repeating patterns, know how to unravel issues in their lives, get support, and receive the gift from the challenges that test sobriety. Once the individual receives the gift, lasting change and renewed personal empowerment creates a new way to live from their personal truth.

Treatments are skillfully guided and administered by experienced trauma, detox, and recovery psychologists who also received specialized training in the Circle of Trust Recovery Model.

At the Circle of Trust Healing Center, the individual is immersed in learning to know one’s self deeply and also how to develop skills in nurturing sustainable community life once they return to their life.