The Circle of Trust Healing Center Program

The Process

The Circle of Trust Healing Center is a second-level alcohol, drug, and trauma rehabilitation and cleansing center. We understand that for one to heal completely from addictions and trauma, they first must have access to a safe, nurturing, and supportive atmosphere completely removed from the many demands of their daily lives. We can become used to seeing to the needs of everyone except ourselves, so when a client walks through the doors of the Circle of Trust Center, they know this time is for them alone. Our responsive and specialized staff see to our client’s individual needs to release, to recover, and to regenerate their body, mind, spirit, and emotions.

What sets us apart from other programs?

Our evidence-based Circle of Trust Recovery Modal was developed by our Founder and Director, Norma J. Burton over the last three decades. Norma’s healing model holds the complexity of trauma with great skill, so that the gifts of these deep-seated emotional wounds can be integrated and addictive patterns therefore healed. The Recovery Model brings hope, while giving the client a new, empowered way of living.

The Circle of Trust Recovery Modal is a 12-step exploration that is congruent with both AA 12-Step and SMART Recovery programs, and yet it goes beyond. Our Recovery Modality reestablishes the client’s inner guidance system while laying a firm foundation of self-trust—an essential aspect for life-long healing and recovery. The bedrock on which the client can stand in a healthy and self-empowered way is created to assist each person in building a happy, healthy, and addiction-free life.

Through our Recovery Model, from answering the Call to come to the Circle of Trust Healing Center, through to the Completion stage of this process, each person will be skillfully and compassionately guided. The step-by-step process leads the client to acknowledge their core wound and then establish self-trust and connection to their inner guidance system.

Usually at a young age, physical, mental and emotional trauma and betrayal shatters trust in self and one’s decisions. Without self-trust, our shadow protection system is born to keep us safe in an otherwise unsafe world. The coping mechanisms of the shadow many times lead to addictions and other trauma.

The client will grow to understand how they had to protect themselves in order to survive, then honor and heal that aspect of self, as they once again establish trust in their inner guidance system.

The journey will not be made alone. Each person receives an individualized treatment plan. Their primary therapist acts as a guide. The adjunct therapies and cleansings help to enhance the client’s individual journey. They also become part of a group of fellow journeyers with whom they share the tears and the laughter, the challenges, the triumphs and finally the celebration of completion.

Even the profound beauty and nurturing essence of the land and residence create a haven of rest, release, rejuvenation, and recovery for the journey.

Who is ready to undertake this profound healing?

Anyone who is prepared to bring a new and complete level to the healing of their spirity and body, their innermost trauma wounds, and their addictions may find their way to our Center. This Center is for people who seek to heal all aspects of their body, mind, spirit and emotions.

There are many ways that one can be called to this work.

Some may include:

  • Being led to this website,
  • Being referred by a doctor or therapist,
  • Following up on an advertisement for our Center,
  • Or even the inability to get into another center and being referred to us.

Our knowledgeable and compassionate Intake Specialists will answer your questions, so you will discover if we are indeed the best fit for you, your family member, or patient at this time.