Norma Burton

Founder and Executive Director

With eight years of graduate training in the psychology of religions, five years in Jungian analysis and 30 years as a healer, Norma brings a high level of expertise to the arena of human transformation. She is a conference organizer, author, and has run several successful retreat centers. Her significant client base of global leaders is due to her unique, holistically successful coaching program.

Her somatic-oriented process is highly effective at addressing deep-seated issues such as trauma of all kinds, healing from abuse, addiction recovery, improving communications within work relationships and with couples, relieving anxiety, depression and phobias without drugs, building self-esteem and personal empowerment.

Through this experience she has formulated the unique Completion Recovery® Model. She has led hundreds of people all the way through to complete and lasting breakthroughs. Her work is very popular with any who seek to be trained in this unusual and effective method of integrating the gifts of the shadow archetype.

Sarah Lake (MA)

Residential Counselor

Sarah’s collegiate career entails Psychology, Public/Mental Health, Religious Studies, as well as Grief Share Counseling. After graduating from the University of South Florida, she moved to the Washington D.C. area to explore a myriad of different therapy and healing modalities. As a Paraprofessional in Exceptional Student Education, she worked interactively within, as well as outside of the autism spectrum. Sarah then progressed to working from clients’ homes in Applied Behavioral Analysis after obtaining board certification through the Registered Behavioral Therapy Competency Assessment. She simultaneously worked full time at a psychiatric hospital, deriving extensive familiarity with psychosis, schizoaffective disorder, sociopathy, homicidal ideation, intermittent explosive disorder, disruptive mood dysregulation disorder, major depressive disorder, multiple personality disorder, dissociative identity, borderline personality disorder. She aided a predominant number of dual diagnosed patients through suicide prevention and against self injurious behavior as well as substance abuse. Sarah is now enthralled to be supported by a collective team of colleagues who mirror my intrinsic passion for authentic, raw; holistic healing.

Dori Best (MS, CADC I, LPC-I, NCC)

Residential Counselor

Dori Best was born and raised in Argentina where she attained my Bachelor’s degree in the Sciences of Physical Education; dedicating thirty years of her life to competing as well as training others in various athletic endeavors. Six years ago, she moved to the United States where she earned a Master’s degree in Mental Health and Counseling and obtained certification as an Addiction Counselor. For the past year and a half, she has been specializing in substance abuse and drug rehabilitation as a mental health counselor, while simultaneously developing Spanish language programs for the underserved non- English speaking members of this community.

Nancy Hawthorne (MA)

Night Residential Counselor

Nancy has a master’s degree from California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. Over the years Nancy has been a care provider for people with various physical and mental conditions, including psychosis, personality disorder, addiction, dementia, as well as providing end of life care. In her work, relations and communications she brings compassion, patience, mindfulness and balance, as well as discernment in recognizing the essential nature of each individual. She has a passion for and deep commitment to personal and cultural transformation and cultivates whole systems thinking.

Andrew Jones

Residential Counselor

Andrew completed a two year Master’s program at University of Santa Monica in 2005, achieving a Master of Arts degree in Spiritual Psychology, where the primary focus is to heal one’s self through experience. He has spent hundreds of hours as both the practitioner and the client role where he experienced working the emotional process (including healing the past), releasing limiting beliefs, and making positive changes in one’s physical life and reality.