First Hand Testimonials from the Circle of Trust

James C.

I spent a year looking for the right rehab and had a lot of bad luck. I went to one rehab down in Southern California for 3 days and it was absolutely terrible. The level of care and quality was very disappointing. Then I found the Circle of Trust Healing Center in Oregon and I think it’s brilliant. The people here are fantastic, very caring, and I don’t trust people easily. I’m very impressed.”

John F.

I went to circle of trust end of November for 5 weeks. Norma is a world class guide in the recovery process . I am very educated how a therapist should be and Norma developed an unique theory and I believe it works better than EMDR. I have a lot of trauma and if has helped me heal. Listen to Norma’s guidance and you will get there. Dory is from Argentina and she is excellent and very very wise. She really cares and passionate about us and a very hard worker. Ryan is very kind and have a lot of empathy. Sarah comes in after 4pm and she is in her mid 20s she knows how to pull it out of you and she is very genuine and smart. She is going to be a top therapist in years to come very impress. Nancy usually works at night and weekends. She is such a sweetheart, she is a perfect Grandmother figure. She is so gentle and caring. It takes me a long to time to gain trust but circle of trust earned my trust. I am hard of hearing and they worked hard to accommodate me.  The place is phenomenal and it’s beautiful. It’s paradise.  It took me a year to find a right rehab and it was very stressful. Going to rehab is very scary and I was nervous before I came to rehab.  It a huge decision  and if you want to make a different and turn your life around it’s an investment for your future. Thank you circle of trust.

Alex F.

“For many reasons, this center is ideal for people in recovery to take seriously the steps to health which require self introspection, quiet, and dedication. Quite simply, there are few places that are truly dedicated to the depth of healing required to make such a major change.  First and foremost is the deeply caring staff, who are trained in the Journey to Completion Recovery Model as designed and offered by the inspiring Director of the Center, Norma J. Burton.  The Staff take on doing their own shadow integration work too so they are capable and trustworthy leaders of this trauma healing process.

Not only that, the exquisite nature-conservancy setting of the Center with its spectacular views, 100% organic cuisine, and a host of holistic amenities make this the finest of healing accommodations anywhere!

Nicole A.

“The strengths of the Circle of Trust Healing Center are endless. They take a personalized approach to each client, spending the time to asses the needs of individual clients. Their holistic approach goes above and beyond – with in-depth cleansing and spa treatments. I have been continuously impressed by the high level of care and expertise that the founder and director of this center offers. The warm environment created by the staff offers a true place of healing and recovery. The food at this center goes above and beyond expectations.”

Ryan F.

“I feel deeply grateful to have found a treatment center to work at that authentically shares my value of addressing the underlying causes and sources of human suffering and addiction.”

Cody C.

“One thing that I really love about the Circle of Trust Center is that the staff here are incredibly genuine, very well educated, talented, and heartfelt. It really feel as if I have their full attention.”

Jeremy D.

“The Circle of Trust Healing Center is a once in a lifetime experience! Nowhere else will you find healing coming from so many avenues. For starters the staff to client ratios here are unmatched! This cannot be overstated, especially for those who have been to other treatment facilities that treat clients like numbers.

The theoretical orientations of the therapists are client-centered, meaning that each individual receives a high degree of personalized treatment and attention to unique needs. Here at the center each person is given the opportunity to reconnect with their higher (spiritual) self while developing tangible skills, self-awareness, and Recovery IQ. In addition, there are highly skilled yoga teachers, massage therapists, infra red saunas, hyperbaric oxygen, and a host of other state-of-the-art detoxing options. The Master Organic Chef delivers her unique style of healthful, organic food that is nothing short of captivating. Those who are not local should also know about the fresh air and beautiful moderate climate in this area.

And last, but certainly not least is the beauty of the facility itself. Attention to detail and quality is present every square inch of the large center and just being in such carefully appointed luxury is healing. This place makes coming through all the way to a new place in one’s body and mind a real possibility.”