Meals at Circle of Trust Healing Center

Gourmet Meals

Our personal chef prepares delicious and organic gourmet meals for you utilizing the freshest and healthiest ingredients.

From our fresh, organic salad bar and organic green smoothies to healthy and appetizing organic vegetarian and organic meat entrees, your healing journey will be supported nutritionally in every way. Any special dietary restrictions are noted and prescribed by the attending physician and nutritionist during your Intake to the program.

Food is Medicine

We believe food is medicine and in everything we do, we prepare for you only the finest nutrition. Our aim is to support the healthy regeneration of the cells in your body damaged by years of poor lifestyle choices and addictive tendencies.

Fresh Delights

Our superb culinary staff dedicates itself to providing everything you need to support you nutritionally to begin to reverse any damage to your digestion and elimination systems.

You are what you eat

As you proceed through our program, you learn how different foods impact the brain either positively or in a challenging way and how to eat to rid yourself of cravings and balance your brain and body. Sugar is just as addictive as alcohol and helps keep your brain and body craving addictive substances, so as you detox from other chemicals and substances; you can also detox from sugar. Once sugar no longer controls your brain and cravings, you will be free to heal the emotional triggers of your trauma.