IV N.A.D. Treatment at Circle of Trust

Intravenous N.A.D. (Nicotimimide Adenine Dinucleotide) is a therapy that is effective in treating many different diseases, especially addiction.

N.A.D. is a metabolic coenzyme that structures, repairs, and remodels every cell in the body. N.A.D. works at a biochemical level, providing each cell the a complex chain of amino acids (N.A.D.) needed for repairing every cell in the body.

Due to the oxidative stress of alcohol, drugs, and other environmental toxins (as well as the depletion of nutrients in today’s soil) peoples’ natural N.A.D. levels drop to critically low levels.

This not only causes rapid aging but also activates the body’s craving system as a natural response to acquire the nutrients that it needs. The brain unknowingly seeks for these nutrients in the wrong places, like drugs and alcohol, which only leads to more nutrient deficiencies.

N.A.D. therapy has proven to be effective in ending this downward cycle by giving the body the nutrients it really needs to replenish drained enzymes and target brain restoration.

Some symptoms of low N.A.D. levels include:

  • Neurodegeneration in the brain
  • Vascular inflammation, producing damage to blood vessels that can result in stroke or heart attack
  • Increased fat storage in the liver, which can lead to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Increased fat production and deposition in white adipose tissue, the primary fat storage form found in dangerous belly fat
  • Insulin resistance, preventing cells from appropriately removing glucose from blood, producing higher blood sugar levels and leading directly to metabolic syndrome
  • Fatigue, loss of muscle strength, and fatty infiltration of muscles, resulting in reduced fatty acid oxidation (“burning”), thereby depriving muscles of their normal sources of energy.