Massage Therapies at the Circle of Trust Healing Center

Treatment for trauma and addiction is often an extremely interactive process as the client participates in therapy sessions, exercise, and other integrative therapies. These are important aspects of the recovery process, and Massage Therapy approaches detoxification and recovery in an almost passive way. In massage therapy, the client is not asked to think, communicate or practice a new skill. Instead, massage allows the client to relax the thinking, problem-solving, worrying mind and relax, distress, and enter a place of a deeper connection to their physical bodies and mindlessness.

Massage Therapy reduces stress, increases the production of endorphins, increases positive attitude, and helps clients to become more self-aware. As the client experiences regular massage sessions, they can slow down their thought processes, and discover where in their bodies they store stress and tension. They will become more aware of when stress happens in their body and what triggers the stress. Massage comfortably aids in detox and increases the effectiveness of other therapies. It also is very helpful in overcoming cravings and lessening depression.