Chiropractic Treatment at the Circle of Trust Healing Center

In addiction recovery, research shows that the chiropractic treatment of subluxation in the spine of a client experiencing withdrawal symptoms improves the client’s ability to benefit from all other modalities of treatment and recover more quickly. What is a subluxation? It is when one or more vertebrae in the spine move out of position and create pressure or irritate the nerves of the spine; these nerves come out from between each vertebra. The pressure or irritation on the nerves can cause spinal nerves to become impaired, and thus they interfere with the signals traveling over the nerves to all other parts of the body.

Chiropractors maintain that subluxation causes the body to lose its ability to adapt to the client’s environment. Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol is a clear example of when a body is not naturally adapting to its changing environment. In correcting subluxation in a recovering addict or trauma victim, the relief felt by the spinal nerves results in a sense of well-being and significantly reduces unconscious feelings of fight or flight. The medical director of the Exodus drug-treatment program, Dr. Jay Holder, explains, “Chiropractic care does not treat addiction—it does not treat any disease.” Dr. Holder and many others believe that chiropractic care allows the therapies used to treat addiction to be more successful.