Equine-Assisted Therapy at the Circle of Trust Healing Center

The Circle of Trust Healing Center’s Equine-Assisted Therapy Program takes place in our 5,000 square foot stables and on our beautiful 140 rolling acres and is an important integrative therapy at the Center. Why? Horses know their boundaries. They are nonjudgmental. They know what they need. They send clear messages. They are patient but firm in what they will or won’t allow. The horse is a large and clear mirror of the guest’s feelings, emotions, and patterns. The program is not about learning to ride a horse and developing horsemanship. The client interacts eye to eye with the horse and becomes more self-aware.

Equine-Assisted Therapy is one of the places where all of the therapies, individual and group sessions, and shadow work come together for the client to practice these new skills in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Trust, which is so often missing in people’s lives, is built and reinforced as they work with the horses.

For guests who tend to intellectualize their lives and their problems, Equine-Assisted Therapy gets them out of their heads and into their feelings. Those feelings can include fear, anger, betrayal, distrust, resentment, loneliness, happiness, and peace. As they come to the surface, the horses help to reprogram and rewire the brain and emotions to create lasting and positive change.