Effective, safe, and powerful treatments for Lyme Disease

Lymes Disease Treatment at
Circle of Trust Healing Center

Every cell in the body communicates by light and energy which can be used interchangeably. Energy is the precursor to all matter and is matter.

All diseases begin at the energetic level, and when not corrected, they begin to produce physical symptoms. Through normalizing the body’s energy with Photon Treatment, the biochemistry of the body begins to normalize as well.

The Bionic 880 is a photon emitting machine that has protocols to treat 90 different ailments, including Lyme Disease, smoking, chronic pain and much more.

This unit has been the German equivalent to FDA approved for 15 years. Many doctors are using the Bionic 880 in Germany, and alternative practitioners are using it worldwide.

This machine can be used in conjunction with state of the art cleansing modalities, Hyperbaric Oxygen, and intravenous therapies to achieve maximum healing and recovery.

Mental health treatment alongside the Bionic 880 treatment is a key component to optimum results. The Circle of Trust Healing Center’s comprehensive counseling modalities offer just that.

According to the Pioneer of the Bionic 880, Dr. Woitze:

“In addition to physical toxins, the cells release emotional toxins as a result of photon therapy. Whenever this happens, I do a type of mental training program with my patients to help them process the emotional toxins. The aim of the program is to give them the opportunity to heal themselves by using different mental techniques. One of the things that I always tell my patients is that I believe that any illness, including Lyme disease, originates on a spiritual level first and only manifests itself later in the body and soul. I also believe that illness is a prompting for patients to change something in their lives on a spiritual level, and often I am amazed at how successful they are at doing this.”

We  at Circle of Trust Healing Center agree with Dr Woitze and offer the only program in the United States that combines the use of the Bionic 880 with psycho-spiritual trauma healing counseling.  Our methods are the most highly effective by far in achieving complete remission of Lyme Disease.